Partnership for Strong Communities

The Partnership for Strong Communities seeks to create safe, secure homes and expand opportunities for all residents of Connecticut through its Reaching Home Campaign, which aims to prevent and end homelessness; its HOMEConnecticut campaign, which seeks to increase the affordable housing stock in locations where there is little or none; and by conducting forums that explore solutions in community development, transportation, education and other disciplines intimately connected to housing policy.

Connecticut Housing Coalition

The Connecticut Housing Coalition works to expand housing opportunity and to increase the quantity and quality of affordable housing available to people with low and moderate incomes throughout Connecticut through advocacy, education and collaboration. The Housing Coalition is the state’s foremost membership organization for affordable housing, representing the broad, vibrant network of community-based, affordable housing activity across the state.

Journey Home

Journey Home is a nonprofit organization leading the implementation of Opening Doors-Greater Hartford, the regional comprehensive plan to prevent and end homelessness. Journey Home works with local, regional, and statewide agencies and municipalities to accelerate progress towards preventing and ending homelessness. Through collaboration and innovation, Journey Home develops new initiatives based on data, research, and best practices.

Connecticut Fair Housing Center

The mission of the Connecticut Fair Housing Center is to ensure that all people have equal access to housing opportunities in Connecticut. Because low-income people are particularly affected by discriminatory housing practices, the Center devotes the majority of its resources to assisting these Connecticut residents. The Center also assists homeowners who have been hit hardest by the nation’s ongoing foreclosure crisis.

Sustainable Communities eNews

HUD’s Sustainable Communities eNews highlights information on emerging best practices that America’s communities and regions are generating to make their communities more economically competitive, inclusive, and energy efficient. Read the eNewsletter to learn how America’s communities are developing strategies to help ensure their economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Connecticut’s Legislative Commission on Aging

Connecticut’s Legislative Commission on Aging is the non-partisan, public policy and research office of the Connecticut General Assembly. For more than twenty years, the Legislative Commission on Aging has served as an effective leader in statewide efforts to promote choice and dignity and to enhance the quality of life for Connecticut’s older adults and persons with disabilities. Through the livable communities initiative, Connecticut’s Legislative Commission on Aging is providing information and inspiration for community leaders to shape places […]