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2018 CRCOG Regional Sustainability Award Winner

The Town of Windsor Locks was a recipient of the 2018 CRCOG Regional Sustainability Award for its long-term Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) planning, strategic assessment and implementation efforts that have collectively sparked the rebirth of its downtown commercial district. Windsor Locks lost its Main Street in the early 1960s due to some development missteps which devastated the Main Street commercial district. Since 2007, the Town has worked with its community to begin planning and redeveloping their Main Street. Key ingredients of […]

2018 AARP Community Challenge Awards Announced

The AARP Community Challenge is awarding grants to fund quick-action projects — in areas such as housing, transportation, and public space — that spark change and build momentum toward improved livability for all residents. If your idea is big, no project is too small! Grants can range from several hundred dollars for small, short-term activities to several thousand for larger projects. Applications are due May 16, 2018.
For the 2018 AARP Community Challenge, AARP will prioritize projects that aim to achieve […]

CRCOG Regional Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan

As part of its Active Transportation Initiative, CRCOG completed work on a new CRCOG Regional Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan and the Policy Board adopted the Ped/Bike plan in April 2008. Active Transportation is a movement that recognizes the importance of active modes of travel, walking and bicycling, as integral parts of our transportation system. This document builds upon CRCOG’s previous regional bike and pedestrian plans (2000 & 2005), to create a results oriented program that will make the region more bikeable and […]

Bridgeport Complete Streets Policy & Action Plan: Ch. 3 Bike & Pedestrian Safety

The City of Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut and is home to five major vehicular transportation corridors. Because of the dense concentration of automobile and truck traffic in and around the city, pedestrians and bicyclists face numerous challenges. The Complete Streets report addresses and offers solutions to these challenges. Chapter three of this report is a model for other cities and regions as it compares Bridgeport’s bicycle and pedestrian safety to other major cities in the state.
For the […]

Smart Growth America’s National Complete Street Coalition 2014 Pedestrian Fatality Report

Dangerous by Design is a national report on the epidemic of pedestrian fatalities and what can be done to prevent these deaths. Dangerous by Design 2016 crunches the numbers on ten years of pedestrian fatality data, looking at where these fatalities happen and who’s most at risk, and makes specific recommendations at the national and state levels.
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Complete Streets Master Plan for Downtown New Britain

The Complete Streets Master Plan for Downtown New Britain is intended to serve as a guide for creating a more pedestrian-friendly, attractive and livable environment throughout the downtown area in preparation for the 2015 opening of the $572 million CTfastrak (Bus Rapid Transit) project. This Master Plan serves as a continuation of work that was identified in the City’s 2008 Downtown Development Plan, which recognized the need to make the downtown road network safer and more pedestrian-friendly. Road diets, shared […]

City of New Haven Complete Streets Design Manual

Adopted in 2010, the City of New Haven Complete Streets Design Manual fulfills a 2008 mandate to create a document to promote the development of progressive design guidelines. It provides technical guidance on the building, rebuilding, repair and rehabilitation of city streets with the intent of balancing the needs of all users. This comprehensive Manual includes the City’s Complete Streets policy, ordinance and a detailed complete streets toolbox, highlights guiding principles and contains standard engineering details.
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Foot Traffic Ahead: Ranking Walkable Urbanism in America’s Largest Metros

This report, conducted by The George Washington University’s Center for Real Estate & Urban Analysis in conjunction with LOCUS: Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors, a coalition of Smart Growth America, identifies each metro’s WalkUPs (walkable urban places) and ranks the top 30 U.S. metropolitan areas. Foot Traffic Ahead examines what percent of a metro area’s office and retail space is collected in walkable places, shows the connection between walkable places, education levels and regional wealth, and explores a market […]

The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2017

In November 2017, the Smart Growth America’s National Complete Streets Coalition published a report on twelve communities that have made significant advancements in developing comprehensive and successful Complete Streets policies. Currently, only 712 jurisdictions in the United States have adopted a Complete Streets development model. These policies have not only made streets safer for all users, but they also make the community more functional and connected to opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, incomes, ethnicities and modes of travel. The […]

Metro Hartford Region Bike Share Plan, June 2014

To complement rail and bus transit initiatives, this study details the current conditions and feasibility of leveraging bike share programs across the region. The Greater Hartford Transit District (GHTD), the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) and its funding partners—with additional planning and guidance from an advisory committee of public agencies, regional institutions, and the private sector—present a truly collaborative plan for determining if and where bike share makes sense; complete with a market analysis, cost and ridership estimates, and […]