EG-Funding Sources

Lincoln Financial Foundation Offering Grants

The Lincoln Financial Foundation believes that strong and vibrant communities can ensure a high quality of life for individuals and families. The Foundation’s Economic and Workforce Development grants support adult education, job skills training and opportunities to enhance the workforce with the overarching intent of economic development for the area. Specifically:

Economic development programs promote job creation and a trained workforce for in-demand occupations.
Economic development programs provide opportunities to create and grow local businesses.
Adult programs provide advancement through GED, financial literacy, […]

1772 Foundation Offering Grants

The 1772 Foundation has announced that funding in the form of 1:1 matching grants of up to $15,000 will be made available for the following historic preservation projects: exterior painting; finishes and surface restoration; fire detection, lightning protection and security systems; porch, roof and window repair/restoration; structural foundation and sill repair/replacement; and chimney and masonry repointing.
To demonstrate the sustainability of historic sites, applicants may be required to submit a cyclical maintenance plan, condition assessment, restoration plan or stewardship plan […]

The Center for a New American Dream Accepting Applications

The Center for a New American Dream is now accepting applications (through May 31, 2015) for its 2015 Get2gether Neighborhood Challenge Grant. New Dream will help teams raise funds for a project to improve their neighborhoods and will match funds raised by each selected team up to $2,000. The proposed project must be focused on building a local economy, greening your community, or be linked to a sharing system. It should be replicable in other areas around the country and […]