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Regional Plan of Conservation and Development Update-Food Systems and Food Security

Updated by CRCOG in 2014, the Capitol Region Plan of Conservation and Development: Vibrant. Green. Connected. Competitive. is a general guide for the future conservation and development of the greater Hartford area. It encourages the creation of a more sustainable region and presents some of the challenges and choices that will ultimately shape the region’s future. The Food Systems and Food Security chapter calls for a holistic approach to food systems planning and provides a slate of goals and policy […]

Designed for Disease: The Link Between Local Food Environments and Obesity and Diabetes

According to this California-based study by PolicyLink, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, and the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, people living in neighborhoods crowded with fast-food and convenience stores but relatively few grocery or produce outlets are at significantly higher risk of suffering from obesity and diabetes.
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Food Policy Councils: Helping local, regional and state governments address food system challenges

This report, prepared by the American Planning Association’s Planning and Community Health Research Center, provides an overview of Food Policy Councils (FPCs), charts the functions of planners on FPCs, highlights common ways that planning departments support these councils and offers lessons learned from across the country.
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