GI-Implementation Projects

Pervious Pavement Installations in Connecticut

This photo gallery, compiled by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, showcases a handful of pervious pavement installation options that have been implemented across CT, including: grass gravel grid pavers, permeable block pavers, plastic grid pavers, pervious asphalt, recycled tire pavement and pervious concrete. Contact information for DEEP Watershed Management staff is also included.
Download the full printable version (.pdf) to view the slideshow.

Jordan Cove Urban Watershed Project

The Jordan Cove Urban Watershed Project began in 1995 and was designed to determine water quantity and quality benefits of using pollution prevention Best Management Practices, including green infrastructure elements, in a residential subdivision. The site was monitored for 10 years. Technical results, recommendations, and the final report are available on the project website at

Hole in the Wall Outdoor Stormwater Classroom

The Town of East Lyme has created an outdoor stormwater classroom at the Hole-in-the-Wall parking lot located in downtown Niantic adjacent to the Long Island Sound. The parking lot has implemented several different green infrastructure technologies and includes signage to inform visitors about the different elements. The site treats 23 acres of stormwater and includes a real-time stormwater monitoring system that can be accessed through the town’s website.
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