First Annual CT Trails Symposium Scheduled

The Governor’s Greenways Council, in partnership with Middlesex Community College’s Environmental Science Program, is hosting the first Connecticut Trails Symposium to promote the benefits of greenways and trails for community leaders. The event will take place on Thursday, October 20th from 8:30AM -1:30PM at Middlesex Community College in Middletown.

The goal of the Council is to promote the development of greenways and waterways in CT.  This Symposium is targeted to our community leaders and will demonstrate the many benefits a greenway or trail can have to a community as well as give them tools and resources they will need to successfully advocate for greenways and trails within their communities.

If your community already has trails, or if you are just interested in what trails can do for your community, this Symposium is right for you.   A panel of experts and Greenway advocates will illustrate the benefits recreational trails can have both locally and statewide through a series of short talks, local examples and testimonials.  These experts will also address liability concerns and road blocks, including funding, that may discourage a community from building trails. There is ample time scheduled for questions from the audience so come prepared with your specific questions or concerns to ask this enthusiastic panel of experts.

By the end of the Symposium you will leave knowing the many benefits of greenways, you will learn how to successfully deal with obstacles that get in the way of development, a network of trail oriented associates to rely on along the way and be empowered to go back to your community and begin or continue on your path to your greenway ribbon cutting!

On-line registration is now open and can be accessed through the CT Greenways Council’s website: