2016 Regional Sustainability Award Winners


The Town of Coventry was presented with CRCOG’s 2016 Regional Sustainability Award for the progressive work of the Coventry Lake Advisory and Monitoring Committee (aka CLAM). CLAM is an advocate for Coventry’s Lake Wangumbaug and its watershed, collecting, analyzing and sharing information to advise the Town of Coventry on best practices for preserving the lake and refining its value as a centerpiece of the community. The Committee has contributed significantly to the improvement of environmental quality through the protection, conservation and stewardship of this important natural resource, and has executed many innovative initiatives, including the recent completion of The Coventry Lake Management Plan and the annual ‘State of Coventry Lake’ public forums.

Click here to access a copy of the Plan.

CRCOG Sustainability Awards - Town of Rocky Hill_008

The Town of Rocky Hill received CRCOG’s 2016 Regional Sustainability Award for the Town’s partnership with SolarCity for a Ground-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Generation System. The 3.9 MW solar energy farm will consist of approximately 13,000 ground mounted solar panels. This green redevelopment effort will turn a vacant parcel of land with highly restrictive development potential into a municipal asset—one that will reduce municipal energy consumption and related costs significantly and will produce over 90,000,000 kWk of clean, renewable energy over its renewable 20 year contract period. In addition to using the most recent cutting-edge solar technology, Virtual Net Metering and the Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credit program, the project showcased the importance of initiative, perseverance and collaboration to successfully overcome an extensive array of obstacles and challenges.


The Town of Mansfield received CRCOG’s 2016 Regional Sustainability Award for Mansfield Tomorrow: Plan of Conservation and Development. This comprehensive POCD has created a unified vision for the Town and its Planning and Zoning Commission, and establishes a framework for promoting sustainability and the incorporation of best practices. An extensive stakeholder engagement process helped lay the foundation for the significant, measurable progress that has already occurred in the eight months since the Plan’s adoption. Highlights of implementation work include: forming a bicycle advocacy group that will spearhead the development of the recommended Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan; drafting a Complete Streets policy; working on affordable housing updates to the Town’s zoning regulations; launching a new economic development section of the Town’s website; and establishing a climate change committee.

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