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  • 2018 CRCOG Regional Sustainability Award Winner

    WL 2018 AwardThe Town of Windsor Locks was a recipient of the 2018 CRCOG Regional Sustainability Award for its long-term Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) planning, strategic assessment and implementation efforts that have collectively sparked the rebirth of its downtown commercial district. Windsor Locks lost its Main Street in the early 1960s due to some development missteps which devastated the Main Street commercial district. Since 2007, the Town has worked with its community to begin planning and redeveloping their Main Street. Key ingredients of this in-progress transformation have included: relocating the Hartford Line commuter rail station to downtown; creating the State’s first Tax Increment Financing District; building an extensive TOD toolkit; securing substantial grant support; investing in complete street improvements; redeveloping an abandoned mill to increase affordable and workforce housing; and commissioning a feasibility study around the development of a year-round public market.

    Click here to access the town’s foundational TOD and Main Street studies.

    Click here  to access the Town’s Downtown Tax Increment Financing District Draft Master Plan.

  • 2018 CRCOG Regional Sustainability Award Winner

    Avon 2018 AwardThe Town of Avon was awarded a 2018 CRCOG Regional Sustainability Award for its novel and progressive regulatory solution to tie sound economic infill development with the implementation of proven sustainability measures. This new model regulation has already been put to good use to address a problem property within the town and provides an extensive menu of eligible sustainability tools covering energy, stormwater, water conservation, site design, land use, and agricultural preservation. While the town prescribed clear measures of sustainability, it also crafted the regulations to be dynamic and open to new technological advances, adding flexibility to the regulatory process.

    The town developed these regulations to be scalable to rural, suburban, or urban situations and believes they can serve as a model for surrounding communities within the region. In fact, Avon was featured at a national conference hosted by the Congress for the New Urbanism for their innovative regulatory approach.

    Click here to access excerpts of that presentation, including the new regulations.